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Hagibor – A New Project near Želivského Metro Station
Hagibor comprises residential housing complemented by a daycare center, office buildings, concert hall, shops, and service outlets catering to the needs of future inhabitants and workers.
Apartments in two buildings
Minutes to Zelivskeho Metro Station
m² adjacent park area
Modern Urban Center on Vinohradská Street

Hagibor is situated in an attractive locality in direct proximity to the Želivského Metro Station, near a terminal from which numerous streetcar and bus lines allow traveling to other parts of Prague. The Flora Shopping Center, the Jiřího z Poděbrad Plaza, and the Žižkov quartier are at a distance of only a few minutes.

Hagibor adjoins Vinohradská Street, a boulevard providing a link to downtown Prague as well as a connection to arterial thoroughfares leading out of the city.

The architecture is composed based on the individual apartment as the basic unit, as if the apartments predetermined the structure of the two buildings.
A knack for design and sophisticated style, comfort and lasting value unswayed by short-lived trends, along with above-standard quality materials all contribute to making Hagibor become a reality. Crestyl is mindful of seemingly minor details, and anticipates the use of the latest technology – smart home control systems, individual air conditioning, air recuperation and floor heating.
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Interior Design
We create functional design projects from the smallest to the largest spaces. Developing for private appartments, houses and business areas, we know how to create better space in any room.
Hagibor Alive
Urban areas in modern European cities stay alive throughout the day. Early in the day, they are bustling with workers, who make room for local residents later on. This interpenetration of worlds brings services, increases security, and improves transport conditions. In short, it is conducive to an active life.

The Hagibor project is seamlessly incorporated into the surrounding urban landscape, which provides access to nearby schools, sports facilities, and a hospital.

The first stage of the project will include two residential buildings. Gradually, Hagibor will be developed as a self-contained neighborhood.
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